Whats been happening at Yoga Master UK

David Sye visited us at the studio. David practices his own, very special brand of Yoga. Yoga Beats is unapologetically sexy, based on micro movements and set to a background of funky beats, youll never see yoga in the same light again.

David let us know the true meaning of yoga, creating community and union rather than impossible asanas which is why Yoga is suitable for everyone.

Helen, aged 58, has multiple health issues and lives in Nantwich in the Independent Living Scheme. During lockdown, she sustained a fall and through increased frailty made worse by lockdown she lost the ability to mobilise properly.

Charlotte from Nantwich Buddies suggested that she start some Yoga session to help her re-gain her mobility. Helen has since been referred to a physio by her GP, the physio suggested that continuing to practice yoga would have more benefit. 

Bad Boy Chiller Crew took a day out of their hectic schedule to relax in the tranquil surroundings of our Yoga Master Studio.

Although they were in the middle of being film for a TV documentary, they found the time to take a Yoga class with Kristyna to help them slow the pace of life and relax. All part of promoting their new found fame!

Members of 100 (Nantwich) Squadron, Air Training Corps visited the studio and took part in an evening session of Yoga hosted by Kristyna. I don’t think they found it as easy as they had expected. 

It was a fun evening for everyone. Youth groups are always welcome at Yoga Masters. Telephone for a large group rate and details of what is avaiable.