I have owned a cruelty free, organic, vegan hair salon in Nantwich now for 10 yrs. I travelled extensively in my younger years and in India loved the yoga life. I did a few courses then life and my son and business took over, as it does. My son is 24yrs now and at 52, I really wanted to go back to how Iife used to be. Yoga and exercise and more travel.

I started this journey with a random idea to rent the small shop next to my organic hair salon. I would rent it out, as a studio space, initially, do my yoga course and slowly move out of hairdressing, A sort of retirement plan. The shop proved to be too small so I viewed the unit at the back of my shop and fell in love. It is one of the oldest salt stores in Nantwich from the 1600’s.

This was in January 2020, so it’s been a long road to finally open. 3 lock downs, builders couldn’t get materials and money was always running low. It’s been a double edge sword for me. I have met so many crazy, beautiful and kind people, who will be my forever friends. On the other hand, I have had so many anxious and tearful moments where I thought I just couldn’t carry on alone on this road, with two businesses a mortgage and three rented units to pay for.